Rob Is #1 In The Minds Of The Fans

Robert Pattinson has come in at #1 on the annual 2009 PopSugar 100. Kristen also entered the list for the first time, at #44. Fans voted this year, and here is the top 5:

1. Robert Pattinson
2. Reese Witherspoon
3. Jennifer Aniston
4. Kate Winslet
5. Brad Pitt

Some other fun facts from PopSugar:

* Robert Pattinson makes his debut on the list…at number one!
* Reese Witherspoon actually got slightly more votes throughout the competition, but Robert Pattinson still ended up victorious in the final head-to-head battle
* Robert came in 76 for most fans, while Kristen came in at 87
* Rob and Kristen came in at 7 and 32 respectively for receiving the most comments on PopSugar

[Find out who the rest of the top 100 are at the link below]


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