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Home Celebrity Emma Watson Confirms Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Have “Something” There
Emma Watson Confirms Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Have “Something” There

Emma Watson Confirms Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Have “Something” There


Did Kristen Stewart leave Michael Angarano behind to pursue her relationship with Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson? Twilight insiders say that the ever persistent reports that Kristen Stewart is getting close to her hunky costar Rob Pattinson, 23, are a huge part of the split. The constant reports have apparently succeeded in taring the couple apart. “Kristen and Michael broke up a few weeks ago,” confirms one insider, according to Life & Style.

The report notes that “the split couldn’t come soon enough for Robert and Kristen, who found it increasingly hard to hide their feelings from friends. “I know there’s something going on between him and Kristen,” reveals Emma Watson, Robert’s Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire costar.”

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  1. who knows… maybe them having a real relationship will add to the believability on film… just hope they don’t have a ‘messy’ breakup before the movies are complete… I think that would be way to much for either of their acting abilities

  2. I tend not to believe what reporters and tabloids say. So what if Rob and Kristen do get together. I don`t really see how that is any of our business any ways. What they do in their own time and outside of their jobs is really between them and people should respect their privacy. It really irks me to hear and see how people go to the extremes just to get recognition, not even noticing the people they hurt or destroy in the process. I can see why they would want to hide things from the public eye. They are two young actors with extraordinary talents and a long future ahead of them. I would hate to see them lose their love and passion for acting because people dont know when to butt out and leave their personal lives alone. So if they are dating, then good for them as long as they are happy then let them be. Even if they`re not so what, lets focus rather what really counts and thats their talents for acting.

  3. I guess a break-up becomes a big deal for celebs, just because the world is watching them. Although some ordinary people hold on for too long. If you realize you’re not right for each other, just end it. It’ll hurt less in the long run.


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