Harry Potter: Rupert Grint HAD Swine Flu And Is Better Now

Rupert Grint did have the swine flu while filming Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow. He was sick for two days.

“It was quite scary when I first found out I had swine flu,” Rupert said at a press conference on Monday, according to The Daily Telegraph.”I thought: ‘Am I going to die?’ But it was just like any other flu really. I had a sore throat and I went to bed for a few days.”

It is a good thing he is as healthy as he is and did take the time off to get better and not spread the illness. We would not have been happy to lose any of the Harry Potter crew.

The release of the sixth ‘Harry Potter’ flick is only one week away, and the cast of the film will be traveling in support of its release.


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  1. Everyone was beginning to make such a big deal about it here (london) swine flu is currently only dangerous to people with serious underlying medical conditions