‘Twilight’ Stars Meet Fans On Twi/Tour

Twi/Tour recently made a stop in Atlanta, Georgia and was welcomed by hundreds of devoted fans. The convention provided a chance for fans to take part in Q/A sessions, photo ops, and autograph sessions with ‘Twilight’ cast members Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, and director Catherine Hardwicke. Even the cast of the hugely popular ‘Twilight’ Parody were on hand to host the event.

Most fans seemed to agree on their favorite part of the convention, “Definitely having a picture made with Ashley and Kellan,” said Paige of Greenville, South Carolina.

“I was shaking and really excited when I met Ashley,” said Sydney, 16, of Atlanta, Georgia, who received tickets to the event for her birthday.

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz definitely provided for the most entertaining Q/A session of the weekend. Greene at one pointed had to leave the stage, but Lutz had no problem in filling in by doing his impersonation of her. “I love you, Kellan,” Lutz squeaked out in a girly voice.

The two actors spoke about being best friends, upcoming projects, and their own obsessions. “Candy and lip balm. I also have to count to 10 when I’m drinking from a fountain. I don’t know why…” Lutz admitted as laughs erupted from the crowd.

Peter Facinelli was also a hit with fans as he talked about his favorite music, ‘Eclipse’ being his favorite book of the series, and his favorite scene from ‘New Moon’: “Definitely the stitching scene,” says the actor.

Facinelli also had memorable banter with his wife who called him during the session and said bye without saying ‘I love you.’ Facinelli joked about it after he put his phone down as Jennie Garth screamed from the line which had not yet been disconnected, “I love you!”

One fan even asked what the actor smelled like, much to her delight Facinelli came down off the stage so she could catch a whiff. “Musky,” the fan replied. Facinelli then removed his jacket claiming that the leather was throwing her off, and the fan agreed among an audience roar of approval.

Catherine Hardwicke seemed to get into the Q/A session the most. She was incredibly friendly and genuine. She spoke about the casting process and Pattinson and Stewart’s audition in her bedroom. “The bed will be on eBay soon,” the director joked.

“My favorite part has been all of it. I’ve never been to anything like this. It’s been really fun,” said Alicia, 18, of Knoxville, Tennessee.

That seemed to be the general consensus from all the fans we spoke to at the event. Everyone had a great time and no one that we spoke to seemed to mind the pricey tickets. In fact, a lot of fans were already making plans to come back next year!

“We’ve really enjoyed it and hope to be able to come back next year depending on our schedule,” said Emily Cloud, 23, and Elissa Spencer, 21, of Tennessee.

Twi/Tour will return to Atlanta in March of 2010. No word on which cast members will be in attendance, and while it’s unlikely that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be there, some of your other ‘Twilight’ favorites surely will.

Event Photo Gallery: Check out our photo gallery from the event!

Stay tuned for more of our coverage from this event as we will be posting more bits from the Q/A sessions, videos, and photos of the cast.

FanBolt Side Note-
Thank you to all of those we interviewed and to all of you guys that came up to us during the event. It was so great to meet you all and we hope to see you at future ‘Twilight’ and other events in and around Atlanta!

Written By: Emma Loggins


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