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Home Celebrity Robert Pattinson Trying To Win Kristen Stewart Back?
Robert Pattinson Trying To Win Kristen Stewart Back?

Robert Pattinson Trying To Win Kristen Stewart Back?

Kristen Stewart Dumps Robert Pattinson

Photo Credit: Emma Loggins

Robert Pattinson was seen leaving Kristen Stewart’s house in his Porsche yesterday afternoon. Pattinson wasn’t trying to be secretive about either as he had his window rolled down.

Yesterday, an Australian news source released a report saying that Stewart had dumped Pattinson due to a brief fling that Pattinson had with his ‘Remember Me’ co-star Emilie de Ravin.

An insider commented, “He had a lot of laughs with her, but his heart has always belonged to Kristen. Unfortunately, Kristen didn’t see it that way and didn’t appreciate seeing picture after picture of Rob getting close to Emilie when the cameras were off and they weren’t filming.”

The stars reunited at Comic Con for the ‘New Moon’ press panel on July 23rd. After leaving the event in San Diego, the two reportedly shared a limo back to LA.

“Kristen has Rob’s heart on a string, and she keeps yanking it. She gave him a glimmer of hope when she agreed to share a limo with him on the three hour drive back to L.A. but by the time they arrived, Rob was confused!” the insider said.

The two will reunite yet again in a little over a week in Vancouver to begin the filming of the third edition to the ‘Twilight’ saga – ‘Eclipse’. The filming will surely ignite more similar rumors.

Our thoughts? We’d love for the stars to be together – but we don’t believe the rumors.


  1. Very cool news. I also saw an article stating that they were seen at a hotel together in room 79 and Rob was spotted having his guitar delivered and Kristen was with him along with another British male. This was on Radar Online. I hope the paps are giving them some space, but I also hope that they are together and happy. Anything that makes you happy Kristen and Rob. We love you always. Adeline Ausitn San Antonio Texas

  2. Hope if all this stuff is true, that all the ups and downs don’t affect their characters chemistry on the big screen.


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