A Look At Ashton Kutcher From ‘Spread’

Ashton Kutcher in Spread

Ashton Kutcher has come a long way since the start of his career. Before deciding to pursue a career in acting, he was a biochemical engineer at the University of Iowa. Realizing he had talent for acting and a handsome face to match – Kutcher dropped out of college and began his journey towards the big time.

Kutcher is best known for his role as Michael Kelso on That 70’s Show, but he has also added a long list of movie roles to his resume. Appearing in such films as ‘The Butterfly Effect’, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, ‘Just Married’, and more recently ‘Spread’ Kutcher has without question made a large imprint on the industry.

‘Spread’, which hits theaters August 14th, tells the story Nikki (Kutcher) who slept his way into a life of privilege. With a life of women and partying, Nikki has it all until he meets his match – a waitress named Heather (Margarita Levieva). Eventually – it comes time for the two to choose between love and money.

Kutcher’s next project is that of ‘Five Killers’ which has finally entered post-production after filming in Atlanta for the last few months.

Acting and modeling haven’t been Kutcher’s only areas of success – he also owns a restaurant in Los Angeles called Dolce and has a number of producing and writing credits to his name.

Article By: Emma Loggins


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