Kristen Stewart Excited For ‘New Moon’

Kristen Stewart is excited for ‘New Moon’ and admits that she’s really excited to see how the film turns out now that it’s finished. Stewart spoke with Allure magazine recently in an interview that will appear on stands in the November issue.

“I’m excited for the movie – a different kind of excited though because I’m finished filming that. I want to see how it turns out. The movie takes a downturn. In the first one, it was all about discovery and in this one, Bella matures quite a bit.” explains Stewart.

Stewart also talked a little bit about ‘The Runaways’ which she filmed earlier this year. The star admitted that she actually related to Joan Jett and her style, “I love the way Joan Jett dresses. She’s the epitome of cool. My style: T-shirts. My favorite ones are my brother’s old ones that they’ve worn out. I have a sneaker fetish.”


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  1. I know that I am super excited too about watching it.. always been a huge fan of Kstew ever since Panic room… such an amazing talented actress.. i just wish they wouldn’t show too much of the pictures and video’s.. there giving a lot away