FanBolt 2009 Christmas Recommendations!

From awesome movies to celebrity loved products, we’ve got everyone on your Christmas list covered with FanBolt’s 2009 Recommendations! Check them out below!

For The Girlfriend

Delicate Raymond – Actress Abbie Cornish has been spotted in it! It’s the perfect simple necklace to accompany any outfit, and one your girlfriend will surely love. At only $38, it’s a steal!

For The History Buff

Inglourious Basterds – The only director in history that can be associated with his style, with as little as a song, is back with his 6th big bang effort. What makes Quentin Tarantino’s newest film so divine isn’t the acting, it’s more the ten years prior, fueling his fire to make one of his dream projects, that some would call an “epic,” WWII film…his way. Taking it into his own hand to rewrite natural history, and give it his own special spin was one of the more enjoyable things we’ve been a part of this year.

For The Kids

Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Year 1 – Talk about an amazing present! When we received a review copy here at FanBolt, I was stunned with how awesome this set is. Between housing the theatrical and extended version of the film (7 additional minutes not seen in theater!), it also has a 48-page book with rare images from Years 1-7, character cards, screen tests for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, vintage interviews, and so so much more! It’s a must have for anyone who calls their self a Potter fan!

Harry Potter Ultimate Edition Year 2 – Here’s the second of the ultimate collections that are currently available. This set also includes the theatrical and extended versions of the film, a 48-page book with rare images from Years 1-7, character cards, the screen test between Daniel Radcliffe and Evanna Lunch (who was selected to play Luna out of 15,000 hopefuls!), footage from the set, and tons more!

For The Best Friend

Mac Cosmetics – Every girl loves makeup. There’s nothing better than a night out with your friends when you’ll dolled up to your finest. Mac’s Holiday 2009 Collections are perfect for holiday parties and perfect presents for friends. Their lip, eye, and face kits also make fabulous stocking stuffers!

For the Music Buff

Cartel – These guys are great! ‘Cycles’, the new album from Cartel, and it’s out now. This is the Atlanta band’s third studio album and the hotly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s self-titled record. It features the singles “Let’s Go” and “The Perfect Mistake,” and is a perfect pop-punk record from start to finish, with infectious hooks and lyrics that will keep fans singing for days. Preview the tracks on the band’s MySpace and pick up the album in stores and online today for your favorite music buff! (Amazon/iTunes).

For the Band Nerd

Glee – This is the best new series of the season without question. I haven’t met one person that hasn’t fallen for Glee. I know that it quickly became one of the highlights of my week, and I love that I can re-watch the 1st half of the season while waiting for the series to return. While the DVD doesn’t come out until the 29th – we still think it deserves to be on our list. It’s a great way to spend that holiday cash and giftcards after all! Special features include the director’s cut of the pilot episode, exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes, audition videos, and more. It’s a must have!

For the Lost Fanatic

Lost Season 5 Blu-ray – Anyone that watches Lost tends to be obsessed with Lost. We know, because we’re totally in that group as well. Not that Season 5 gave us anymore answers than previous seasons, but it is defintiely one of the best and strangest seasons of the series. With awesome bonus features that explore the set of the series, the writers’ offices, time with the cast, and what’s up with the Dharma Initiative… and not to mention deleted scenes, bloopers, and commentaries – you can’t go wrong with this one. Your ‘Lost’ obsessed friend will thank you for the chance to refresh themselves on the details before the series returns next February!

For The Health Conscious

Advocare – Why Advocare? Since 1993, AdvoCare offers safe and effective products to suit your needs whether it’s losing body fat, building muscle, feeling energized, or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It’s tested for quality and purity, has patented product formulations overseen by an elite Scientific/Medical Board, has hundreds of UNPAID professional and amateur athletes, and a money back guarantee! Advocare offers a number of programs that are perfect for the health conscious to start out 2010 right!

For The Gamer

Little Big Planet – Of course they’ll need to have a PlayStation3 for this one, but if they’re a serious gamer they should have that anyways! ‘Little Big Planet’ is one of the most amazing video games we’ve seen in a really long time. Guys love it for it’s robust physics engine and girls love it, because – well, it’s just adorable. The game is a puzzle platform video game which allows you to play through levels made for you – and also allows you to create your own levels. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the amount of control you have over elements in the game will keep you entertained for hours.

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For The Tot

Right Bank Babies – Talk about adorable clothes for tots! Anne Heche’s son was spotted wearing this cord blazer at the ‘This Is It’ premiere in Los Angeles. This grey cord blazer with orange patches retails for $105 at the link above. Be sure to check it out along with all the rest of their amazing clothes!

We hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! And if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them below! Have a wonderful holiday!