Lindsay Lohan Dropped From “The Other Side”

What is going on with Lohan these days? I think stars and fans alone are all starting to ask this same question. Though the star only has three film projects in the making at the moment, it seems one of those three, “The Other Side”, has dropped the actress and moved on.

“Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we’ll soon be announcing a replacement,” writer and director David Michaels revealed to TMZ this weekend.

Rumor has it that the real reasons for dumping Lindsay was due to the star not being “bankable,” and the team didn’t think that she was reliable enough.

The Other Side, about a student who finds work on a abandoned island, stars Woody Harrelson, Dave Matthews, and Giovanni Ribisi.

Although, at least Lohan just recently signed on to play Linda Lovelace in a new biopic film, let’s hope she stays on board for that one.


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