‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: Wrong VS. Right

In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David finds himself arguing with friends, business associates and complete strangers due do his obstinate beliefs in what’s right vs. wrong. For example, in one episode Larry refuses to tip a waiter because gratuity was already included in the bill. When the waiter points out the absurdity of his refusal to simply add an extra 2%, Larry states that he is not tipping extra because he’s “protesting math.” In situations like these it becomes apparent that Larry is arguing simply for the sake of arguing.

In support of Curb Your Enthusiasm airing 5 nights a week, I wanted to raise awareness by conducting a little member poll. Have you ever had an experience where you argued with someone simply for the sake of arguing or realized mid-argument that you were wrong? What lead to the argument? What was the outcome? Was it as trivial as Larry David’s arguments on the show?

I personally can’t say as I’ve experienced any similar situations, though I’ve sure come close a view times. Let me hear your stories!

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Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’


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