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Shia LaBeouf Makes A Fortune On ‘Wall Street’

Shia LaBeouf Makes A Fortune On ‘Wall Street’


Shia LeBeouf, star of the new hit movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps seems to do some real-life trading of his own on Wall Street. The young star recently went public about his interest in finances and stuns fans with one statement alone:

“I opened up an account with $20,000 of my own money and started trading, and the value of the account went up to $300,000 in two and a half months,” says LaBeouf.

LaBeouf goes on to tell fan that he believes that Wall Street has a good side, and admits that trading has now become an everyday part of life for himself, stating:

“Whatever people say, I do think there is a good side to Wall Street. It was created almost as a civic service to fund our wars. It wasn’t created for this greedy, self-indulgent ‘Get rich’ mentality. It wasn’t always that way and it’s not always that way now.”

“I still trade every morning. I come from poverty and it’s like night and day. My mother laughs about it: she went on welfare, we had no money and now I’m trading $300,000 in the morning. It’s outrageous.”

Talk about getting into character!

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