LeToya Jackson Refuses ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Spot

Though LeToya Jackson says Dancing With The Stars wants her in on the action, the star turns down the spot for one reason : brother Michael.

While well known in the world of television reality for spots in shows such as Armed & Famous [in which she trained to become a reserve police officer], and the UK version of Big Brother, Letoya says that her drive for dancing was lost with the recent passing of her King Of Pop brother.

“I’ve been asked to do the show many times. My mother and I, we love that show. It’s my favorite show. I was dying to do it and then last year I decided I don’t think I want to do it. I lost the drive that I had for doing it after the incident with my brother because he loves that kind of dancing,” La Toya explained.

“He and I used to dance like that around the house just for jokes, for play. And when he passed, it’s like, ‘I don’t think I want to do that because it would remind me too much of him each dance.'”

With the death of her brother striking pain in the hearts of fans everywhere, it’s understandable that it would make his close family members rethink situations that would hit home for them.

But don’t fret just yet fans: while we may not be able to see Letoya showing off the family moves on DWTS, we can most likely catch her on Donald Trump’s next round of Celebrity Apprentice, which she is reportedly on the roster for!


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