Teen Mom Star Under Investigation for Domestic Violence

E! News is finally confirming that yes, 20-year-old star of Teen Mom, Amber Portwood, is currently under investigation for domestic violence charges.

Rumors began to surface of this after the MTV Teen Mom episode aired that caught Portwood kicking, punching and verbally abusing baby daddy Gary Shirley on tape: with their barely two-year-old daughter baby Leah in the room.

Gossip sites began to spread the news like wildfire, and Amber even received the front cover of Life & Style [headlined ‘Out-Of-Control Monster’], and Ok! Magazine [headlined ‘Losing Her Baby’] for these terrible acts. Well fans, it’s true, it seems Amber Portwood may very well end up paying for her actions in court.

In additional to the potential misdemeanor assault and/or battery charges that could result, in the state of Indiana, engaging in any domestic violence in front of a child under the age of 14 is considered a felony. And that’s not all. Should the district attorney decide to make an example of Portwood’s case, the various crew members present filming the encounter could face misdemeanors for their failure to report the domestic violence attacks.

Though the incident happened about six months ago, the episode featuring the violence aired this week, thus launching an investigation by Indiana’s Anderson police. Child Protective Services is also reportedly looking into the situation.

Lovers and haters of Portwood and hit reality show Teen Mom: I need you opinions here! Should Portwood pay for her on-screen domestic violence, and how do you feel about the filming crew facing misdemeanors for their failure to report the domestic violence? Weigh in!


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