Full Hard Drive Search Ordered In Mel Gibson Case

In the head to head on-going court battle between Mel Gibson and former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, all bets are off and privacy is becoming a lost privilege.

Attorneys for Gibson’s were in court this Thursday to determine just how much access they’ll be allowed to have to be granted to mother of his child Oksana Grigorieva’s records. The verdict: a full-on hard drive search of her personal computer.

Grigorieva was initially seeking “the return of private, personal and privileged items that are unrelated to this investigation,” and “the establishment of a search protocol that will exclude private, personal and privileged items but will allow the discovery of all items that relate to the (false) extortion claims.” Since losing the battle for these rights, Grigorieva is very distraught, claiming reason to be because of personal items like family photos and letters to Grigorieva’s father that are held dear and very private to her.

Gibson has accused Grigorieva of trying to walk with $15 million from him in exchange for keeping those now universally heard infamous phone conversations. Oksana is also moving forward with her domestic violence charges towards Gibson.

All in all Gibson takes a win in the case with this granting, Oksana takes a fall, and fans and tabloids worldwide see this as a hopeful chance that we may be seeing some never-before-seen photos and documents along with all those disturbing phone calls and voicemails we’ve all just recently been shocked by!

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  1. It sucks he got kicked off the Hangover 2…I think he would have done an interesting character.

  2. Yeah it seems like every time he tries to make a comeback some public disaster happens with his persona.

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