Lindsay Lohan Claims Rehab Is Breaking The Bank

While the Betty Ford Center has been considered more of a ‘celebrity get-away’ at times more than what it really is: a rehab, it seems actress Lindsay Lohan is finding it to the be the toughest rehab yet: on her wallet.

Lindsay began treatment at Betty Ford on Sept. 28. At initial check-in, fans were once again sad to hear that rehab may once again fail to help the actress, as she was still in complete denial that she had any problem with drug or alcohol abuse. But shockingly, the Betty Ford Center has turned out to be the one spot where Lohan is finally making “true progression”, and is for the first time admitting possible drug addiction [and even feelings of powerlessness].

But although the actress may have finally found a place to get herself mentally back on track, she may end up leaving the center [which would be a major set-back, says administrators], due to her inability to afford the program financially.

“She indicates she cannot afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work,” a report from her probation officer states. “The defendant states her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product.”

Judge Elden Fox recently granted the actress leave to catch up on well-behind projects on one condition: the actress must wear her SCRAM bracelet and must report back to rehab immediately after work [which will be an off and on thing since the judge has already granted her leave in November for filming, which is rumored to be the Linda Lovelace biopic we’re all hoping she doesn’t go though with]. Which means, if the actress’s allegations are true, she’ll basically be working for rehab for quite some time [expected at least until January 3rd, 2011].

But is there really a point if the actress can come and go as she pleases? Is this just another one of Lindsay’s smart ways around the system? Weigh in fans!


  1. I have no idea. I’ve heard she’s a horror to work with. I remember all those director letters on I think it Georgia Rules. I guess just because her name is all over the media right now that studios want to capitalizes on it. Because it’s certainly not her bubbly personality or mad acting skillz. 🙂

  2. She has turned into the biggest joke, she is most well known for being a druggie right now, not for her acting. What was the last actual movie she was in?? Her career could have went a total different way had she had better parental guidance, its sad.

  3. I completely agree. I blame her parents for a lot of this. The whole Lohan family comes across as fame whores. Family needs to come first. If that had been the case here I think things would have turned out a lot differently for Lindsay.

  4. And the complaining she doesn’t have enough money, give me a break!! She has made A TON of money over the years, so the whinning about not having money to pay for rehab. She has made more money than the majority of us will ever have. I hate it when celebs whine they don’t have money, most annoying thing ever.

  5. She makes an insane amount from appearance fees. Though I guess legally she can’t do those club appearances for awhile 🙂

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