Tyra Bank’s Stalker Slapped With Restraining Order

A Los Angeles judge ordered a permanent restraining order this week on the “mentally unstable” 39-year-old man accused of stalking the America’s Next Top Model‘s host Tyra Banks.

Marten Williams Jr. was and most likely still is under the delusion that he and Tyra were destined to be married. That dream may be highly unlikely due to the circumstances of the order, which requires that the man must stay at least 100 yards from Banks and her family for the next three years.

The ruling came quite easily after proof was presented that the man has sent numerous “frightening letters and items” since 2006, along with attempting to trespass at her Beverly Hills home earlier this month [which helped Banks come to terms that this just wasn’t another ordinary fan].

During court, Banks said that her unwanted devotee believed “he killed George Bush Jr. and that Michael Jackson is alive and living in Long Beach.”


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