Heidi Montag Is ‘Enjoying’ Relationship With Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, better know to millions as Spiedi have rekindled their relationship after spliting earlier this year. Many speculated that the split was in fact purely for promotional reasons as is all of their paparazzi photo shoots. However, this time around, Heidi claims she is truly happy.

“Fortunately, we are together. It’s been a long summer, and we are together, and I’m so excited to be in Vegas together.” Heidi explains, “I’m enjoying our relationship. I had so much going on before, I didn’t have a chance to enjoy being a newlywed.”

Heidi and Spencer met on the set of MTV’s The Hills during the second season and have been together ever since up until this April when they first announced the separation and Heidi filed for divorce two short months later. However, the couple was spotted spending time together this summer during their stay in Costa Rica where Spencer was arrested when they tried to leave.

We wish the couple the best of luck, but we have to admit we’re a bit skeptical that they’re doing all of this for publicity. Sound off below if you agree or disagree with me!


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  1. The only way I would believe they were together, like together together, is if they left the spotlight and didn’t talk about it in public. They are on the top of my most annoying couples in hollywood.