Charlie Sheen Files For Divorce

After a recent meltdown, Charlie Sheen filed for divorce this Monday from estranged wife Brooke Mueller—who in turn went and filed for divorce right back!

Having previously divorced Donna Peele and Denise Richards, things aren’t looking that good for Sheen these days, who just last week was in the headlines after being found naked in a hotel after a wild night of partying with a porn actress. The actor was eventually hospitalized and deemed “emotionally disturbed” in the police report.

Sheen is seeking joint custody of their year-and-a-half-old twin sons, Bob and Max, per court docs. Mueller, in her dueling petition, is seeking sole physical custody with visitation rights for Sheen and makes no mention of a preexisting settlement. However, a settlement of assets is reported to be already agreed to [no doubt graciously assisted by a wonderful thing the couple established called a prenup].

The court docs are reportedly stating the reason for divorce as “irreconcilable differences”. Both Sheen and Mueller coincidentally cite the date of Dec. 25, 2009 as their date of separation. As most fans remember, this happened to be the date Sheen was arrested for domestic violence against Mueller when he threatened her with a knife. Charges were later dropped to a lower charge of misdemeanor assault, which Sheen pled guilty to.

Divorcing from wife number three, and in the news again for wild escapades, I have to ask: what will it take for Sheen to get the picture that while he may be making it big on the tv tube every week, his personal life is going nowhere fast? Rehab? Jail? Weigh in fans!


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