Denise Richards Turns Down $1 Million to Tell All


Denise Richards, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, is reportedly rejecting offers of over $1,000,000 to sit down and tell all about exactly what happened during Sheen’s latest meltdown.

Last week Sheen erupted into headlines after he was found naked, deemed “emotionally disturbed” in a police report, and eventually hospitalized after a wild night of partying with a porn actress. And the kicker? Ex-wife Denise apparently witnessed it all.

“Denise saw everything,” a source is claiming. “Not only did she witness everything that happened that night at the restaurant, hotel and hospital, over the past few years she has seen everything yet refuses to kiss and tell.”

The actress has been known for taking the high road and not commenting and/or bad-mouthing anyone or anything that comes her way she disapproves of. And though this time around, the money offers are at their highest peak, Richards is still refusing to talk about the dark side of life that Sheen lives, she knows all about, and fans only see sneak peaks off every once in a while.

“She has turned down Oprah and lots of other media offers that want her to reveal the truth,” the source says. “Since the day they divorced, hundreds of offers have been rejected. It wasn’t her style then and it’s not her style now.”

But at this point, maybe a tell-all session is just what Charlie needs to knock him back into reality and get his life going in the right direction – fans, do you agree?

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  1. I don’t think anything can help Charlie. He is so beyond reality, I am suprised he went back to the set after all this went down. Its sad to see, given that he has kids and all, that he can’t make himself better for them.