Michelle Williams Gains Weight For Meaty Role

You don’t hear about many celebrities in Hollywood gaining [rather than losing] weight for a role or magazine cover, but that’s just what Michelle Williams did for her latest role in the upcoming Jamie Patricof’s flick Blue Valentine!

So why the extra weight? The 15 pounds was the weight Michelle was asked to put on in one-month break between shooting the flashback portion of the film and the present-day stuff.

And what’s better about all this? The actress is actually getting good publicity for the weight gain [something I personally think we need to see more on in Hollywood]. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, Vanity Fair’s latest cover, which was shot one week after the film wrapped.

“Not that many girls out there are shooting Vanity Fair while gaining 15 pounds,” Jamie Patricof says. The actor is already in heat for Blue Valentine, which is said to be quite controversial and features Williams baring it all [almost, NC-17 people].

Finally, we’re seeing a lot of this in Hollywood lately [a more recent second example is Kristen Stewart’s ditching of all the “perfect and pretty” features about herself in her new flick Welcome To The Riley’s. Kudos to Michelle!


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