Robert Pattinson Turns Down Modeling Deal With Burberry

Robert Pattinson can no doubt sell product, so the idea of him being the face of a fashion house seems only natural.

Burberry was rumored to have been recruiting Pattinson for a nearly 2 million dollar deal to follow in the footsteps of once Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson. Burberry hasn’t commented on the story first reported by The Mirror. Pattinson is said to have turned it down because he didn’t want to branch out into the world of fashion – he wanted to focus on his day job.

We think Robert would have made a perfect front man for the new campaign. He may not be a model… but we think he could pull it off without much effort. What do you think? Sound off below!


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  1. Wise decision. Before he became so popularly famous in acting, most due to Twilight, he was a model. Wouldn’t it seem to him like his life was backtracking if he took to the picture perfect photo career again? It would to me. He should keep with the acting, see whee it takes him, and if that doesn’t work then go back to modeling….he needs to give the acting thing time to play out, I say if he isn’t making it big in Hollywood by one year after Breaking Dawn Part Two releases, maybe then he should smile for the camera, but until then, stay intense Pattinson.