Demi Lovato’s Treatment: No Drugs, Alcohol, Or Pregnancy

For fans wondering just what caused Demi Lovato’s “emotional and physical issues” that landed her in treatment, the star’s rep spoke out today, giving us all some clarity as to what “did not” cause the breakdown.

“Demi Lovato is not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction,” Lovato’s rep said this Wednesday.

“As we have said since she entered treatment last week, Demi decided to seek help for emotional and physical issues she has battled throughout her life. She has taken this step in order to get her life in order. While we know many are interested in Demi and her life, we do ask for a modicum of privacy during this difficult time.”

The star’s rep also added that pregnancy is not and never has been an issue.

Lovato left the Jonas Brothers’ tour early last week to seek medical help for her “issues” following an altercation with backup dancer Alex Welch. The other rumored issues of bulimia and self-cutting have yet to be denied or confirmed at this time.

Whatever the case, I’m sure fans will be right there in the crowd waiting when the star hits the road for touring again.