Digitally Dead Celebrities Come Back To Life

Kim Kardashian [along with a handful of other celebrities] have returned to their digital life – and one man in particular is a big reason they’ve returned.

All in all, fans have raised $500, 125 of the $1 million. So what about the other $500,000? The mystery man who donated half-a-million bucks to an AIDS charity and brought Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and a ton of other celebs back to life (on Twitter) is billionaire pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr. Rahr donated the money to:

1. Give To The Charity Keep a Child Alive Organization.
2. Free Up Handfuls Of Celebs

But now that the celebrities are free birds, it’s your turn to die. That’s right, you can now sacrifice your digital life and have your friends to donate cash to get you back on the social networks. A large number of fans have already

Congratulations to the founder, Alicia Keys, to reaching the charity’s goal so soon. Let the tweets begin!

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