Scott Foley Talks: Grey’s Anatomy, Denny 2.0, And More

Felicity fans, prepare for a Noel Crane reincarnation! That’s right, Scott Foley is back to his adorable, romantic-dramedy self as he joins ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

Foley will play Henry, a potential love interest for Kim Raver. Charming, dimpled…I’m have Noel flashbacks already! But wait, there is one thing that differentiates Henry from Noel’s perfectness…his terminal illness. For strictly Grey’s Anatomy fans, this is sounding more along the line of old character Denny Duquette…

This Thursday night, fans of old-favorite Felicity and faithful fans of Grey’s Anatomy can decide for themselves, but until then, here’s what Foley had to say about the whole situation: “Henry is a terminally ill patient, he has tumors in his glands that are recurring. He has run out of insurance and Kim Raver’s character Teddy takes up his cause trying to get the hospital to do some pro-bono work for him. I think it shakes her up a little bit to see someone actually in need and not being able to get what they need.”

Sounds interesting…but as always, the most important question: will love blossom? “I can tell you that I’ve shot three episodes and nothing’s happened yet in that department. No kissing. [But] this is Grey’s Anatomy. So I would say there’s definitely potential [for Teddy and Henry], and I love the fact that there could be drama in the love department.”

“When I got this job,” Scott reveals, “it was the first time I ever had, in all my years of acting, to meet with the actor or actress that I’m going to play opposite of. [Grey’s boss] Shonda Rhimes was really smart about sitting [Kim and me] in a room and making sure we got along, and I wasn’t six inches shorter than her. Between that and the good writing, it makes it a lot easier. It makes it enjoyable.”

Sounds very possible fans! So how long will Henry be sticking around Seattle Grace? “I have done three [episodes],” Scott says. “I’m off for the next two. I go back the first of the year but they haven’t said for how many. Shonda has said they want to develop this character. Obviously depending on how the audience reacts to what happens with Henry and Teddy, I think there’s the possibility for some longevity for the character, which would be nice.”

So, could this possibly be the front-and-center romantic storyline fans have been missing like terminal patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) back in the day? “I would be very happy! If you watch television as closely as I do, you know the state of it right now, and what’s been happening with all these new shows. What the hell is happening? So I think if I’m something of a Denny, but they never want to let me go…Hey, Grey’s is still the top-rated scripted show on ABC. I’d be thrilled to be there for a long time,” says Scott.

Tune in to Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday night at 9pm on ABC to watch the story unravel!


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