Russell Brand Talks: Katy Perry And Dirty Talk

Russell Brand may be married to the extremely attractive and worldwide known singer Katy Perry, but that doesn’t mean he’s toned down his raunchy stand up routine.

When asked that very question [pertaining to the dirty talk of his routine], Brand responded: “No, I don’t actually [tone it down]. It’s probably become a little bit more devious.”

But does Katy approve? “I think we have a pact with our professional lives. It’s all just pretend,” he explained.

Helen Mirren [who became friends with Brand after working with him on two movies], dabbed a little bit on the subject of Brand this past Saturday night at Variety’s Power of Comedy event, saying: “He’s the best, kindest and goodest bad boy you’re ever going to be lucky enough to meet.”

Russell was actually the host of the event, and not by surprise, his acceptance speech remarks were definitely dirty.

On stage, he talked about being arrested 12 times and his days as a sex and drug addict. “In them days, I could have laid waste to this room,” he told the audience, before mimicking a fan. ‘Can I get an autograph?’ Yes! On the wall of your uterus.”

But despite all the jokes, fans finally were able to see Brand’s almost unknown serious side. The event was sponsored by the Noreen Fraser foundation, which benefits women’s cancer research. Russell’s mother had cancer herself three different times, which he told the audience. But that didn’t last long, as Russell wrapped up his speech with yet another raunchy comment, saying:

“I think this [award] might be a loophole for touching women’s tits,” he joked, “Free breast exams outside!”

Do you think Brand’s raunchy side is a strong part of why the world loves him? Or would he be better off dropping the act?

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