Kelly Osbourne: I’m Obsessed With Nicki Minaj’s Style

We fans tend to admire and follow one [or ten] of the celebrities we see everyday through tabloids, television and movies. However, it’s always nice to see a celebrity admire another celebrity – and that’s just the case with Kelly Osbourne!

The teenage terror has come along way within the past few years – a much more sophisticated look, a toned and slimmed-down body, and even removal of several of her tattoos. However, Kelly might not be keeping the blonde bombshell look much longer – that is, hot if the lady she admired, Nicki Minaj keeps popping up with those “amazing” looks!

That’s right, Kelly Osbourne admires Nicki Minaj’s out-of-this-word, yet still sexy, looks. In a recent article she herself wrote at E! Online, Kelly reveal her love for the singer, saying:

“When Nicki Minaj showed up to a M.A.C event last month with Barbie bangs and multicolored tips, I loved it! This is a look that young girls everywhere can emulate.

This rainbow-loving girl is one of my favorites right now. She keeps it fresh every time she steps out and walks the carpet like she owns it. She is a quirky individual and she wears her outfits with confidence and ownership.

The crazier and more colorful she gets, the more I look forward to seeing what she’s going to wear next. Bring it on!”

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