Chuck Norris Is A Real-Life Texas Ranger

Remember the show your mom – or you – used to watch back in the day? You know – the very seriously voiced over title: Walker Texas Ranger, the blonde bombshell, the lightning fast roundhouse kicks?

Well, as of this Thursday, the man who played the Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris, is now a real-life one!

The 70-year-old martial arts star, who was the lead star of the hit show, Walker Texas Ranger [a show that held strong for nine prime-time seasons], has officially become an honorary Texas Ranger over in the Lone Star State.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who also gave the same honor to Norris’ stunt coordinator brother Aaron during Thursday’s ceremony, presented the designation to the star.

Not that Norris, who “once played Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun and won,” would really need his sibling’s help if ever actually called upon to put his new title to use, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.


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