Neve Campbell’s Secret Divorce Revealed

Scream actress Neve Campbell filed for divorce from her hubby, English actor John Light…five months ago!?

Yes, citing “irreconcilable differences”, the couple have somehow managed to keep the split low-key until now. Reports are calling the breakup “very amicable,” according to her divorce petition, filed back on June 30 in L.A. Superior Court. Neve is also is admitting that she doesn’t want to give up any of her millions to Light for spousal support.

Campbell and Light married on May 7, 2007, and didn’t have any children.

However, this isn’t her first time doing tango. This divorce comes second after her first with fellow Canadian Jeffrey Colt. Colt filed for divorce in 1997 after being married to the actress for only two and a half years.

Is there some sort of curse hanging over the cast of Scream? I’m starting to begin to think so – or either divorce is the new way to get good publicity for your new movie.


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