Lindsay Lohan’s Roomies Caught Drinking In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s roomies were caught drinking in rehab according to TMZ. Apparently the incident went down at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic where Lohan has been staying. Lohan’s roommates were discovered “drinking heavily” by members of the Betty Ford staff.

The roommates were moved back to the main facility at the clinic which has more supervision. While Betty Ford officials said there was no evidence that Lohan had been drinking, they have since decided that Lohan will not be allowed to leave the clinic for Christmas. It’s also reported that Lindsay has gone back to the main Betty Ford facility as well for “intensive therapy.”

A couple sources also told TMZ that Lindsay was spotted going out to a bar with two of her roommates the night of the incident, however TMZ couldn’t confirm. We hope that 2011 will be a better year for Lindsay, and that she’s able to get her act together. The fact that her roomies are drinking around her in rehab can’t be helpful…