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Natalie Portman Is Engaged And Pregnant

Natalie Portman Is Engaged And Pregnant


Actress Natalie Portman and Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied are engaged and pregnant according to Portman’s reps. The couple met during production of Black Swan.

Portman had previously commented saying that she wasn’t really into marriage. “I’m into monogamy. But I’m not really into marriage. I sort of hate the legal aspect of it. What does the state have to do with it? Why are they making rules that say my lover can stay in the United States if they’re foreign or share my health care benefits because I’m straight – but if you’re gay, you can’t have that?”

That comment was from 2008. Perhaps finding the right guy or the pregnancy changed her mind. Either way, we bet a lot of boys are going to be upset that Natalie Portman is off the market! But we wish the parents-to-be the best of luck and can’t wait to bring you more news on the couple’s upcoming wedding!

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  1. Wow I didn’t even know she was with anyone. LOL. Good for her though, from all the reports I have read about her, she is a sweetheart. She definitely is a amazing actress.

  2. She was incredible in Black Swan! And pretty much the object of every male’s fantasy… at least the males I know. 🙂 I didn’t know she was with anyone either. She did a good job at keeping it low-key!

  3. I have a feeling pregnancy played a part in the engagement, but I could be wrong. I have also loved Natalie Portman; her views from 2008 shock me though. As her warm-hearted characters seem on-screen, I always imagined Portman as one to settle down and have a big family!


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