Bristol Palin Buys Home In Arizona

Is Bristol Palin ditching the icy wonderland of Alaska for greener grass in Arizona?

It’s a strong possibility, considering the teen mom turned Dancing With The Stars sweetheart purchased a large home outside of Phoenix in Maricopa, Ariz. recently.

“She bought it about a month ago,” former owners Mike and Cynthia Smith says. Cynthia added that Palin reportedly shelled out $172,000 in cash for the two-story, five-bedroom house, which is “awesome for entertaining”.

But, why Arizona and not Hollywood? While no details have been released on whether the 20-year-old mom plans to call the suburban town home permanently or if she’ll use it as a seasonal residence, rumors are surfacing that Bristol may have plans to enroll in Arizona State University’s famed Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication for broadcasting.

But are you up for another dose of Bristol Palin television?


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