Lindsay Lohan Is Out Of Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is back on the scene; mother Dina Lohan has confirmed. After serving 90 days at the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay quietly made her exit from the facility this morning, disproving multiple reports; one claiming that she was planning on remaining in the clinic through the end of the week; the other claiming that the actress was planning to bust out early on New Years day.

The 24-year-old actress is expected to meet up with mom Dina Lohan and secure herself a sober coach before ultimately deciding if she will call New York or Los Angeles home. She remains on probation and is due back in court for a progress hearing on her 2007 DUI conviction— what got her into this mess in the first place—on Feb. 25.

Just a couple days ago, a rep for the actress’s fashion brand 6126 announced that upon release Lindsay is going to “get cracking on expanding her 6126 fashion brand into footwear.”

Let’s hope she does this that because one thing’s for sure: no one wants to hear one more story on a LiLo relapse!