Neil Patrick Harris Talks: Award Wins And Fatherhood


Neil Patrick Harris spoke up this week about fatherhood, recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and more!

“I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I wasn’t expecting this. I thought it would be a big Glee sweep.” That’s the reaction given recently by Harris after winning the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Actor, adding that he was “all freaked out about it” when he won a People’s Choice Award 21 years ago for Doogie Howser. “I’m still freaked out about it now.”

As some How I Met Your Mother fans may know, rumors have been surfacing the net that Harris’s twins might appear on the show as Lily and Marshall’s new babies; Harris responds to the rumors with this: “Well, we have an exclusive deal with Grey’s Anatomy, so I don’t think we could!” he joked. “‘Neil’s whoring his children out to ABC!’ No, no plans. Babies will be babies,” the actor finally confirms.

As for the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother, Neil admits he was probably just as shocked as viewers at what went down. “How about that Marshall? How about Alyson Hannigan’s eyes? The two of them together at the end, that scene? I didn’t see them shoot that scene, I wasn’t there. I wept!”

And as for any dish on upcoming episodes, Neil insists the upcoming storylines are more top secret and intense than anything they’ve done before. “We filmed the last three episodes [under] a big veil of secrecy. We know nothing. We’re more like Lost than ever.”

Neil wraps things up by admitting he’s not yet to the braggy photo-sharing phase of fatherhood, though he’s sure it’s coming. “It seems like such a private thing to be that guy at this point. They’re so young. I’ll wait until I can teach them to do tricks with biscuits and stuff, and then I’ll really show them off.”

We can hardly wait!

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