90210 Stars: We’re Stuck With Each Other Until Death

Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay are together again – on opposite sides of the camera! Former 90210 bad boy Luke Perry stars in the Hallmark Movie Channel’s Goodnight for Justice (premiering Jan. 29), directed by fellow alum Jason Priestley.

“We’re stuck with each other till death,” Luke told reporters about reuniting with his former costar. “We’ve known that for a long time.”

“It’s been about 10 years” since the pair worked together, Jason said. “It’s always a matter of finding projects that are the right thing. [Goodnight for Justice] is a project Luke’s been developing and working on…I feel fortunate that he entrusted me with [something] that is so important to him. It was a great honor and a lot of fun. It’s always great to work with your friends.”

“There’s not a lot of discussion necessary between Luke and I,” Jason said about directing his old pal. “I’d just have to say, ‘Let’s do it again,’ and he’d know what that meant. We wouldn’t have to break down scenes and talk ad nauseam about inner turmoil.”

How does Luke feel about taking direction from his former costar? “I think I was the first one Jason ever shot when he started directing [on Beverly Hills, 90210],” Luke said. “I showed up on the first episode—Dylan wasn’t in the pilot—and [Jason] already wanted to direct. I knew eventually I would be [directed by Jason].”

“He’s pretty competent at it,” Luke laughed wryly. “I’m all right with it.”


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