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Glee’s Lea Michele Snubs SAG Contender Hailee Steinfeld

Glee’s Lea Michele Snubs SAG Contender Hailee Steinfeld


When Hailee Steinfeld was auditioning for True Grit she had a fangirl moment when she saw Lea Michele. The 14-year-old actress, who is now surrounded in award season buzz, went up to the Glee star and asked her for autograph.

“I was wearing clothes from the 1800s that were big and uncomfortable. ‘Glee’ also films on the lot and I love the show.” Steinfeld said in an interview with J-14, “I saw Lea Michele just walking to her trailer and I was like, ‘That’s the girl from ‘Glee.’ I’ve got to go ask for her autograph!’’ So I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, “Sorry, now’s not a good time!”

“I had to walk all the way back to the car wearing what I was wearing. I was practically crying on the way home. I was so sad!” she continued. “But she’s beautiful and she has an amazing voice.”

Lea Michele has been accused of being a diva more times than we can count. Though we’ve personally never met the stars, we’ve heard from a number of fans, press, and other people that have encountered her that she’s not exactly the friendliest of people – despite her amazing talent. We want to know what your thoughts on this are. Sound off below in our comments section!

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  1. Yeah I agree. I’ve never met her but I’ve heard she’s a diva from so many different bloggers and journalists. She has an incredibly talent though – I just hope it’s not going to her head…

  2. I guess it’s a fine line. Sometimes it really is a bad time to ask for an autograph but considering the multiple reports about her it is probably just her attitude. I don’t actually watch Glee but I think I read somewhere that they were going to make it where the students actually go through the grades and graduate and are replaced. If that is true she definitely has a limited time and does not need to make this her reputation. There is nothing worse as a fan than getting to meet somebody you really like and the experience is unpleasant.

  3. Yeah that’s the plan since they can’t keep the same kids in high school forever… they’re going to tie a reality show into it as well… It’s going to be a long time with Glee. haha 🙂

  4. Originally the show was supposed to exist in some never ending high school where the kids didn’t get older, but apparently something changed along the way. So this cast probably has another season or two until they are shuffled out. Lea is talented but that will only get you so far. If you have a diva attitude, no one is going to want to work with you. For every Lea there are thousands of talented ladies waiting in the wings, most of which would be grateful for the opportunity she has been given, instead of (allegedly) acting as though everyone else should be grateful she is giving them the time of day.

  5. I completely agree Amanda. I see a lot of the cast going on to do Broadway. I would assume Lea would probably go that route as well. I know she’s already done some Broadway before Glee – I have to wonder if she was like this before Glee….

  6. From what I know, she did Broadway as a kid so she probably grew up with everyone telling her how talented she is. So the ego was probably instilled at a young age, lol. Hope she didn’t burn all her Broadway bridges since IMO that is probably where she will continue to find success. Her voice is made for show tunes… it isn’t really suited for pop, as seen when the show tries to have her sing something like Britney Spears.

  7. Yeah I can’t see her being a popstar at all. She’s definitely got the show tunes voice. I wonder how much the “diva” attitude affects casting decisions though – would producers really care if they felt they were going to sell more tickets?


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