Selena Gomez Hacked On Social Networks

Selena Gomez is possibly the last controversy-free female starlet from the Disney network, so it was a shock this morning when fans logged into Facebook and Twitter to find foul-mouthed posts from the young star…

Earlier this morning, fans were stunned to find such posts as “THE KID ON 4CHAN.ORG IS A LIEN F—– HE DIDN’T HACK S—!!!!”

“This message is for puha, YOU SUCK —–!!!”

“Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As the posts kept coming in, it was apparent that it wasn’t our still-innocent Disney starlet, and to further clear up the confusion, the culprit left one last tweet so as to leave no doubt about who was responsible for the cyber attack: “This account has been hacked by, PkinJ0r – Aka – Prokill The Video I gave to someone random an asked them to upload. So, Thanks random dude.”

Team Gomez quickly came to the rescue soon after and began work to remove the offending messages and issue an apology to her impressionable followers.

“Sorry everyone,” Gomez wrote on Facebook. “My Facebook Page and Twitter account has been hacked and we are cleaning it up.”

Gomez offered a similar apology on Twitter, tweeting, “Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facebook. Love you guys!!!!!”

While fans were glad Gomez wasn’t heading down the same path Lindsay and Miley have chosen to take, many couldn’t help but to voice their opinions on the fact that all these problems [death threats, hacking] didn’t occur until boyfriend Justin Bieber entered the picture…


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