Ryan Gosling Talks About His Thoughts On Marriage And Kids

Blue Valentine actor Ryan Gosling, who was most recently romantically linked with Michelle Williams, his co-star in the movie, is unsure which sex is more romantic and changes his mind every day.

On whether he believes the line he wrote for his Blue Valentine character that “guys are more romantic than girls”, he said: “You know, I change my mind every day. That day, I believed.

“But men aren’t planning their weddings from the time that we’re six. We’re putting them off as long as we can, and I think we get married for different reasons.”

Ryan, 30, also admitted working with six-year-old actress Faith Wladyka changed his opinion of children because he admits he isn’t normally a fan of kids.

He said: “I don’t really like kids! I don’t. Faith is different; she’s not a jerk. Most kids never even ask how you’re doing; it’s all about them all the time. But Faith is a really polite, smart, funny person.”


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  1. There is a long line of girls willing to be his baby mamma whenever he would be ready LOL. Those would be some good looking babies.

  2. haha oh so true! 🙂 I’ve loved him ever since The Notebook. Something about the way he looks at you and smiles…. It’s dreamy… haha 🙂