Robert Pattinson Is Having A Great Time With The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast

Robert Pattinson is having a great time on the Breaking Dawn set with his on-screen daughter Renesmee (played by Mackenzie Foy). According to a source from the set, Pattinson is always asking, “Where’s my daughter?”

But Pattinson and Foy aren’t the only ones having a great time. The Breaking Dawn cast is said to be like a huge family. “They’re having a great time on set,” an insider from the set reveals. “They’re not only working, but having fun with friends. Lots of private parties, movies and jokes. … It’s like a huge family.”

The Breaking Dawn cast was also spotted last weekend out partying in Baton Rouge where Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart danced the night away. The party was said to be a going away party for Dakota Fanning since most of the Volturi scenes in Breaking Dawn have finished filming. We’re glad to see that the cast is enjoying some of their downtime. They do truly seem like a family, and I imagine there might be some tears shed when the Breaking Dawn filming wraps in the not-so-distance-future.


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