Joey Fatone Wants ‘N Sync On ‘Glee’

After the success of the recently aired Britney Spears episode of ‘Glee’, it seems celebrities everywhere are suddenly throwing their names in a hat and hoping ‘Glee’ producers will pull it out to guest star next on the hit show!

Joey Fatone is the latest celebrity to suggest that his old boy band, ‘N Sync, should have in on the action! No word yet on what Justin Timberlake thinks of all this talk.

Britney, Madonna, and Lady GaGa were all successes on the show. But ‘Glee’ producers, if you’re reading, please, give Katy Perry a call before you head down the old boy band road less traveled. Sorry Joey Fatone, but fans of ‘Glee’ aren’t so certain they “Want You Back” just yet.