Holly Madison Insists She’s Fine With Hugh Hefner’s Engagement

Holly Madison has been critical of her former boyfriend’s plans to marry Playmate Crystal Harris but insists she is just being “protective” of the 84-uear-old media mogul, who she dated for seven years until 2008.

She said: “I think everyone expected me to feel one way, they expected me to be really jealous. But it’s not how I feel. We’ve been apart for two years. I just want him to be happy.

“I’m more protective than anything else. I just wanted to make sure he’s making the right choice.”

The ‘Holly’s World’ star has been dating All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat for five months and though their busy schedules mean it can be difficult for them to spend much time together, she insists she prefers it that way.

She added to Usmagazine.com: “He’s totally cool – really down-to-earth. We’re both really busy, but we find a way to make it work. I like having someone as busy as me, it’s a good match up I think.”

Speaking about Hugh and 24-year-old Crystal’s engagement, Holly has previously said: I’d like to see Hef settle down. I just want it to be with the right person, and I feel like he’s making a hasty decision. I’m not sure Crystal is the best thing for him.

“Crystal hasn’t been around very long – she’s a mysterious character. No one knows much about her. Plus, she’s very young, probably too young to settle down.”


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