Dianna Agron And Alex Pettyfer Split

Though rumors that I Am Number Four stars Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer were on the verge of engagement surfaced just weeks ago, it seems the two will never make it down the aisle.

A source close to the couple is confirming that the duo have called it quits. The source is also confirming that 24-year-old Agron has since moved out of the home she shared with 20-year-old Pettyfer.

Last seen together at the movie premiere of I Am Number Four, Pettyfer admitted that all the attention on his private life was “overwhelming”, which could possibly be cause for the split.

The split is a surprise not only to fans, but to some celebrities as well. Just last month on Ellen DeGeneres, Pettyfer seemed to truly admire his other half, saying: “She’s an amazing woman and she’s got this old school, classic movie star elegance to her. She’s amazing.”

Agron seems to feel the same, saying in Sugar magazine’s Winter 2011 issue, “Alex might see himself as a bad boy, but he’s actually very sweet in real life.”

Both Agron and Pattyfer’s reps are refusing to comment.


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