Kobe Bryant Honored On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Five NBA Championship Rings later, Kobe Bryant has finally been honored on the infamous Walk Of Fame. Lakers player Bryant is the first athlete ever to be honored at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre [as the walk has until now only consisted of movie stars].Saturday Further breaking the general rules of the walk, his hands as well as his Nike-clad feet were immortalized in cement.

“I feel like I’ve grown up in this city, and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but here we are—five championships, plenty of more to go, and I just feel extremely honored to be able to do this,” Bryant said during the ceremony.

Though Marilyn Monroe and George Clooney are only a few stars down the walk, that doesn’t mean we can expect Bryant on the big screen anytime soon. The athlete made it plain and clean that he has no intentions at present time to pursue an acting career.

Jimmy Kimmel ever said a few joking words pertaining to the athlete’s acting skills [which, in his opinion, pop up from time to time on the court]: “It’s fitting that Kobe Bryant would have a place in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre because although he’s not an actor nor does he have any experience in theatrical arts he is—wait, why is this fitting?” Kimmel joked. “The closest Kobe’s come to acting is pretending he’s going to pass the ball to Luke Walton.”

Congratulations to Kobe who has potentially presented the opportunity for more athletes name’s to go down in history [or rather, cement] on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

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