So You Think You Can Dance Judge Finally Cancer Free

Mary Murphy, a judge on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, is finally cancer free.

Murphy is known on the hit show for her squeals, screams and trademark laugh. The lovable judge devastated fans last month when she announced that she had thyroid cancer. However, less than one month later, Murphy is thankfully announcing that after undergoing surgery, the cancer was removed successfully.

“I just want to kiss my doctor,” Murphy told Life & Style Magazine “I definitely feel like there’s an angel on my shoulder. I feel like somebody’s looking out for me.”

“I’m very grateful because I’m so upset at myself that I didn’t go in earlier,” Murphy said, noting she received her diagnosis over three years ago but waited until now to take care of it.

“They told me that the tumor had to come out and there’s a chance I might not be able to talk again. Outside of the word ‘cancer,’ I really couldn’t imagine my life without hearing myself laugh,” she added.

Murphy went on to confirm that she is indeed still planning her return (after skipping last season) to the SYTYCD judges panel for season eight [which will debut this summer].

“I’ve had a major roller coaster of a life, for sure. But my roller coaster keeps going up and down,” she confessed. “I just want to thank all my friends and family and my fans.”


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