Jay Baruchel Confirms Engagement At Genie Awards

Jay Baruchel is having a great year! The actor has not only received an award thus far, but he’s also just revealed that he’s engaged to marry!

Baruchel accepted an award this past Thursday night at the Genie Awards for his work in “The Trotsky”, but it seems all the buzz is what he let slip in his acceptance speech, rather than his win!

The actor stunned everyone when he thanked his “fiancee” in his speech [which goes down in history as one of the few times a celebrity has announced their engagement live on stage during an awards ceremony].

Later on after the show, the star officially confirmed that he did indeed propose to girlfriend Alison Pill over the holidays. “I’m pretty sure my words were ‘f— it; do you want to marry me?’ to which she said, ‘yes, of course,'” Baruchel said.

The couple, who began dating during the filming of the hockey movie Goon, will marry in 2012.


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