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Lindsay Lohan To Drop Her Last Name

Lindsay Lohan To Drop Her Last Name


If you’re tired of hearing the name Lindsay Lohan, you’re in for some good news…

Mother Dina Lohan that daughter Lindsay is dropping her last name. In addition, Dina and her younger daughter are planning to drop the name as well and pick up Dina’s maiden name, Sullivan. But why you ask?

If you’re a Lindsay fan, you should already know the answer. Her father, Michael Lohan, is the main reason. Michael has been a constant pain in the actresses’ life, always seeming to pop up with his two cents every time the actress makes a move [whether bad or good]. Apparently, once the name change is official, Dina, Lindsay, and her younger sister plan to officially cut all ties with Michael.

“I don’t think it’s a smart move,” brand strategist Kaira Akita tells us. “She’s been in a position as a celebrity [where it has appeared as if] she’s kind of beat the system,” Akita says, “so the idea of her going with a one-name moniker makes it appear as if she’s higher above us.”

“I think we expect our pop stars to have that one-name moniker—for our actors, we look at that different,” says Akita, who’s an actor herself. “I don’t think it’s doing her any favors [to be billed] as, Lindsay the actor.”

Though she’s certainly no Prince or Madonna, is her reason understandable in this case? After all, Michael Lohan has become sort of a D-list celebrity all of his own solely off of his opinions about his daughter’s actions.


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