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Snooki’s On-Campus College Appearance Spawns Anti-Snooki Legislative

Snooki’s On-Campus College Appearance Spawns Anti-Snooki Legislative


Jersey Shore‘s Snooki was recently paid $32K to show up at a college campus and talk about her infamous ‘pouf,’ how to perfect GTL’ing, and more. However, one New Jersey Senator plans to use her appearance as the prime example of an upcoming attempt to change legislation.

New Jersey Sen. Joe Kyrillos announced on his website this past Friday that he is planning to sponsor legislation that would reverse the way public universities collect student fees, instead allowing students to opt in to campus events requiring a fee. For those who weren’t aware, the money Snooki was paid came from the mandatory student activity fee. Translation: whether they wanted Snooki to invade their campus or not, they paid for it.

And that gets under the skin of some students, especially considering that the reality star was paid $2,000 more than what Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison will be receiving through Pepsi who provides vending on campus to speak during commencement in May.

“Students ought not be forced to fund entertainment or events that they find objectionable,” Kyrillos said. “There were a great deal of Rutgers students who I am certain were uninterested or flat out outraged by Ms. Polizzi’s appearance on campus.”

Kyrillos went on to say that Snooki, who just snagged a Jersey Shore spin-off, is “a degenerate reality television star who offers neither useful advice nor any appreciable talents.”

As a Snooki fan, I am still in favor of the legislative change. Students should be allowed to choose what activities they fund… do you agree?

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  1. As a native born Italian-American, I think the whole lot of idiots, leeches, and bane of the earth (completely useless existence) can be done with and forgotten and we would be better off because of it. I am, in fact, ashamed that they refer themselves as being in any shape, manner, or form related to the Italian blood. MTV needs to spend their money on other garbage because now they’re broadcasting slime and donkey sh*it on television– and that’s just not neccessary!

  2. Zack – the interesting thing is I don’t think she actually is Italian. I think she is really Chilean (although I think she was adopted and raised by Italians), which I suppose might be more offense because she is embarassing the heritage of the people that were kind enough to adopt her.

    I do think that students should have a say in what entertainers their money goes to. Although, I wonder what kind of problems this might cause when they can’t get students to agree on a particular entertainer because each student would have their own idea for the person they want. They would go from having somebody a lot of students don’t want to nobody because none of the students can agree.


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