Alex Pettyfer Gives Explosive Interview Sounding Off On Hollywood

Recently single I Am Number Four star, Alex Pettyfer, recently gave an explosive interview, sounding off on Hollywood and all the people in it.

In the interview, given to VMAN, the angry young Brit describes LA as a “s-hole” and says that “it’s this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear.” Doesn’t seem like the best choice of words for the town you need work in.

He also mentions his “Thank You” tattoo he has, right above his crotch. What for you ask? Pettyfer says its there “in case I forget to say it.”

Gee, I wonder why he and Gleek darling Dianna Agron didn’t work out. He seems like such a gem.


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  1. Some people don’t seem to recognize jokes !
    During the “Vman” interview there was obviously a misunderstanding: The “wink” was not supposed to be written down in the article, it was supposed to indicate to the interviewer that Alex Pettyfer was making a joke about his tattoo.

    He has in fact a tattoo on his lower waist. However, it doesn’t say “Thank you”. It is his own name written in Japanese Kanji Signs.

    Detail picture:
    Original “VMan” article:

  2. hahahhah most hilarious. just seems he sees past the glitz and glamour and to the plasticity of it all. although kind of rash to say this about his working city.