Lindsay Lohan Posing For Playboy

Lindsay Lohan is set to pose nude for Playboy. Sources close to the deal report that it has been in the works for months and that Playboy initially offered $750,000. Lindsay held out for $1 million and the two sides eventually agreed on a deal close to her asking price.

There’s no word on when the issue will come out, but she’s likely for the cover. The shoot started over the weekend, and Lindsay’s rep said, “I can neither confirm or deny at this time” when asked.

What do you think of her decision to pose? Is she out of money, is she seeking attention or do you think there is some other motivation?


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  1. Yeah she’s not in the best shape right now. Her teeth are degrading too – leading the press to suspect she’s using meth. Not exactly the sexy image I think guys would want to look at in Playboy…

  2. Everything about Lindsay Lohan is just sad. She really needs someone in her life who can take control and get her the help she needs.