Justin Long To Guest Star On ‘Nikita’

Justin Long is set to guest star on the CW’s reboot of the hit show ‘Nikita’, and he’s packin’ the punches!

“I’d have to, right? I can’t kick her ass,” Long tells E!. “We’ve talked about it. Maggie’s a dear friend of mine so it would be fun. I’d love to work with her again.”

Long previously starred alongside ‘Nikita’ star Maggie Q in ‘Live Free or Die Hard’. “I just asked Justin if he would do something for the show and he said absolutely, 100 percent he would,” Q tells E!.

Long’s character is still in the process of creation, but word to the wise Justin, I hope your punches hurt, because this chick can sure kick some butt – male or female!


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  1. I’ve met Maggie Q and she was a total doll! Glad to hear Justin is a sweetheart as well. I figured he would have to be dating Drew Barrymore. 🙂