Katie Holmes Files For Divorce From Tom Cruise To Get Away From Scientology

The Hollywood fairy tale that seemed to be Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has come to and end. Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise last Thursday and made the aggressive action of filing for sole legal custody of their daughter Suri.

According to reports, Holmes has been trying to get out of the Scientology-influenced marriage to Cruise for over a year now.

“Every move she made and everything she did was controlled . . . She felt like she was in Rosemary’s Baby,” says one insider, referring to the classic 1968 horror film, in which an aspiring young actress (Mia Farrow) unwittingly bears a child for her husband’s Satanic cult.

Indeed, her shocking divorce filing, which has blindsided a “furious” Cruise, wasn’t simply about the Kennedys star’s own personal contentment, a Holmes source says.

“This is about protecting her daughter,” the insider explains to Us. “She wants to be in charge of how Suri is being raised and didn’t want her to have an exclusively Scientology education.”

The first source puts it more bluntly: “She felt she had to get out to save her daughter.”

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  1. Yeah usually it’s a topic you discuss before you get married. I think with Scientology though – to my understanding – you don’t really get to know about what the religion really is until you’re in it and paid thousands of dollars into it. So maybe Katie was blindsided by what all it entailed.

  2. Katie Holmes was the down to earth girl we all watched turned into a young woman throughout the years since Dawson’s Creek. I never supported her marriage to Cruise. I just thought Cruise and herself were at two completely different places in their life. Since the beginning of the marriage to now, I don’t even know who Holmes is anymore except for “Cruise’s wife”. Holmes has, in my opinion, changed so drastically. Putting it nicely, she seemed to have turned into a uptight young woman living and acting as if she was going on 50 years old. It seemed like everything she did, every opportunity that came her way, everywhere she went and was photographed out and about she was just so inwards and uptight and carried herself in a different manner. Not saying she wasn’t respectful – she was very respectful, too respectful and perfect for her age. You never saw the “Crazy Katie” – she never seemed to have fun or even know what it was anymore. It was reported that Cruise had so much “control” over what movie and television opportunities she was offered that she actually lost out on a lot of good projects due to his disapproval. It was even reported that he had to have so much say so on one of her latest roles in Adam Sandler’s newest comedic film ‘Jack And Jill’ that it drastically affected the mood of everyone involved in the film – which was a comedy! I’m sure, even though it’s obvious it was due to Tom’s control, that it affected her chances of working on projects with those specific producers and directors in the future [which, by the way, I saw no problem with the movie or any of the scenes and found it to be very entertaining. Though it makes me wonder if we would have seem more of Holmes and her comedic side in the film if it wasn’t for Tom’s ‘outtakes’]. On to the whole Scientology conversion – I do think Cruise influenced and brainwashed her into believing that this was the right choice for her and her family and maybe even played the ‘trust me a

  3. as your husband – this is the only way’ or ‘you’re being selfish, choose the religion that the just of my family follows’ cards. Holmes truly seems to be a Catholic at heart, and while I am all for support of any religion, I am totally against anyone that pushes you into a religion and makes you forfeit your beliefs for a relationship. My boyfriend and I have drastically different beliefs and the debates and conversations we have are actually interesting and help mold our character and value towards one another. I researched Scientology, and the ‘shock’ treatment that produce natural highs would definitely be a concern to as an adult [let alone a child being subjected to them although I think the children must be a certain age or older to participate]. However, the way the religion is based to ‘better a person as a person’ is by [and I quote from the research]: Auditing: in which practitioners aim to consciously re-experience painful or traumatic events in their past in order to free themselves of their limiting effects. Doesn’t that sound like something we are told by many doctors [both who practice in physical and emotion treatment of patients] to NOT do to ourselves or else it will only break us down and prevent us from moving forward in life? Why would anyone want to relive their traumatic experiences in life over and over again. How could you even move forward in life? And on a more serious note, would you want a child reliving those experiences? I certainly wouldn’t. I believe in enrolling them in counseling, in which they relive those experiences over a couple months and get to the root, and then overcome them never to return to think of them again. But years and years or reliving? No way. I am 100% Team Katie on this divorce. If Tom cannot respect her if she were so to choose any other religion, Catholic or not, as her root religion then he should love her regardless. And while on the subject, I think she is making the right choice all the way by t

  4. by taking Suri out of the situation before enrolling in school and beginning the teachings of Scientology and all the things it prevents her from [regular school, living happily, being a child and not having to think twice about her actions and not being able to be an ‘immature little kid’ at some times like all children should be allowed]. I wish Katie and Suri nothing the best, and if one of the main reasons the divorce came about was because of Tom’s control which certainly stems partly from his religion choice, then I think he may need to reconsider the ‘standards’ his partner must meet for him to love and honor him – or else he will end up a lonely man. We are individuals for a reason – our partners should never cross over into a more ‘dominating role’ in our life and how we live it. If they refuse, then we should respectfully refuse to allow it. Whew. I obviously felt strongly about this split!